by Lyra

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jon patrick penick & maxwell j shults

inspired by "A Lot Of Sorrow" by Ragnar Kjartansson / The National
shaped by the four natural elements

this EP was written, performed, recorded, & mixed completely collaboratively, all in three days, with nothing planned ahead of time


released September 23, 2016

written, performed, produced, recorded, & mixed by jon & maxwell
at hell's half acre studio, september 10th, 11th, & 17th, 2016
photographs by jon

1. (water) witch
jon - lyrics, vocals
maxwell - loop, percussion

2. (fire) cleansed
jon - vocals, left/right guitars, additional drums
maxwell - bass, center guitar, drums

3. (earth) monsters
jon - lyrics, vocals, baritone guitar, end piano
maxwell - lyrics, additional vocals, bass, drums, end drone guitar

4. (air) honey
jon - lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass
maxwell - drums, e-bow guitar

thank you - nancy shults, bobette penick, caitlin aase, sarah santarelli, kelsey chigas, alexis atwill, lindsey barlag thornton, traci penick, justine hirten, & all of the strong women in our lives; also, the national, for inspiration



all rights reserved


Lyra Chicago, Illinois

a collaborative musical project. catharsis through art.

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Track Name: (Water) Witch
i think the only way i feel you here
is when you were naked standing there
cover myself in a coffin bomb
and i just drown there

this marble floor still knows my knees
this marble floor still knows you looking down to me
why won't you talk to me?
why won't you talk to me?

you feel me when you're alone
you feel me when you're on the phone
giving you what you need
well what the hell are you going to give me?

cause i wont fly away
cause i don't fly away
us witches we stay
us witches we stay
Track Name: (Earth) Monsters
she goes where she wants to go
she knows what she wants to know
when she walks away, don't ask her to stay
when she walks away,
that queer queen slays

she knows
we know
they know
you know

you look like you really want
you tell the truth, but you really won't
eyes lookin' in
did you think you'd really win?
lovers never tell
you fucked it all to hell

she knows
we know
they know
you know

she's fine, she's realized
she's fine, she's analyzed

all boys are monsters waiting to be made
all men are monsters waiting to be tamed

she knows
we know
they know
you know
Track Name: (Air) Honey
the floor kisses your feet
raindust and rare pollen linger
are you watching?

you're coffee stained and you're logged in
sittin' on the TV screen
are you listening?

come down

why you always running to the honey
when mothers milk keeps you whole?
she may be gone now
but you won't find her in some lost girls soul
i'll let you sing the song
i'll shut my head up and I'll play along
i'll keep the truth tucked away
i'll keep the truth tucked away

come down

come down
won't you come down?
come down